Cory Collier

Month: February 2009

Future of Web Apps Miami

I just got back from FOWA Miami 2009. The event was awesome and I met tons of amazing folks (including the amazing Gary Vaynerchuk). There were plenty of amazing tech revelations at the event, and more talk about business and marketing. The latter was more relevant for me. While there was definitely a lot of […]

Socialism = Fail

Today will be remembered for a long time to come. How it will be remembered, is likely going to be up to the rest of us. On this seventeenth day of February, two-thousand and nine years after the birth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, Socialism was snuck upon the people of the greatest […]

Primetime Virginity Broken Badly

President Barack Obama is really pissing me off. President Barack Obama‚Äôs first prime time Presidential news conference was tonight, and it went off with many a hitch. First, President Obama insisted upon the same fear-mongering that has dominated his first month in office. Second, sounding like a dictator from a third-world country he claims the […]

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