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  • Tribeless and Lost – The Real Price of Politics
    PREFACE: This post was originally written in September of 2023. Originally, I couldn’t release it. The cultural atmosphere felt too hostile to say any of this. Needless to say, much has changed. Hope you can appreciate this time capsule from before the 2020 US Presidential Elections …
  • Acknowledging My Own Hypocrisy – My Public Amends
    Over the last month I’ve been a vocal proponent of people coming together. I’ve called for humility in conversations. I’ve noted the false dichotomies that are prevalent in social media and news media cycles. Generally, I have asked a lot of you to be open minded about things you feel strongly about. I’m going to […]
  • Humility – The Medicine The World Needs in 2020
    True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. Socrates I’ve written and rewritten this post more than once. This is tough to write. On one hand, I’m writing about the need for humility in discussion in public forums. I’m writing about the need to acknowledge fault and imperfection in beliefs and thoughts. On the […]
  • State of Blogging in 2020
    The state of blogging in 2020 is not good. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to get off of social media. I’ve been pretty frustrated with the direction of social media and people at large. I’ve been keen on the idea of decentralization of the web for a while. Trying to get back into […]
  • Integrity – You Either Know It, or You Have None
    Being a parent is an educational experience. I’ve mentioned before that helping others is critical to emotional development and growth. Parenting is, by necessity, a chance to instill integrity in your child. Honesty is an issue that’s arisen lately with one of my kids. It’s frustrating and humbling all at the same time. When I […]
  • Lessons From 1000 Days of Sobriety
    Today marks 1,000 days since I surrendered to my fight with alcohol. in these last 24,000 hours of sobriety I have learned a few things. It was the inevitable outcome of sitting with my feelings for 1,440,000 minutes (86,4000,000 seconds). Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned through all of this – I can be […]
  • Why I Removed My Social Media Apps
    “Madness is something rare in individuals — but in groups, parties, peoples, and ages, it is the rule.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche The whole world seems to have gone crazy. That’s the impression that I have from what I see on social media apps. So, I deleted all of the apps. I didn’t delete accounts. I […]
  • Being an Ogre In a Tech World
    I’m not a small guy. In fact, I’m kind of huge. People joke about me being an ogre all of the time. Most of the time, I take the joke in stride, and even relish in it. Being in the tech community, I am especially an ogre. The typical software developer is either under 6 […]
  • Emotions
    Some recent events have forced me to really evaluate what motivates me. I’ve talked before about Fear and Insecurity,  and at the time I thought I had a better handle on it. However, I’ve had to deal with some harsh realities lately, that are the result of my own actions. I was asked a pretty […]
  • Suicide
    Yesterday, the world lost one of the best performers/comedians I’ve ever seen: Robin Williams. His death, apparently by suicide, seems also tragic. How could someone who seemed to have what most of us want, feel alone enough to end his own life. The story of Joseph Grimaldi comes to mind when discussing this. It’s a […]
  • Fear and Insecurity
    I haven’t written anything here in a long time. A ton of things have happened since I last posted. I don’t even know where to start, so I’ll just highlight the major stuff: My wife and I separated I found a new girlfriend I was rear-ended by a semi truck I moved in with my […]
  • Belief
    The season of lent is over. For this season, I gave up all alcohol. For those of you that know me well, you’re aware how difficult this was for me to do. Well, you’re aware how difficult it *appeared* for me to do. The truth of the matter is: not drinking for 6 weeks was […]