The season of lent is over. For this season, I gave up all alcohol. For those of you that know me well, you’re aware how difficult this was for me to do. Well, you’re aware how difficult it *appeared* for me to do.

The truth of the matter is: not drinking for 6 weeks was significantly less challenging than I thought it would have been. The reason for this: I believe in God far more than I require anything the world has to offer. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’m surprised by this revelation.

I’m writing all of this, after having a nice share of Jack Daniels this evening. I didn’t give up alcohol forever. I gave it up for 6 weeks to recognize the sacrifice that my savior gave while still in human form upon the Earth. It sounds trivial to many of you. This gets me to the point of why I’m writing at all.

Faith requires courage.

Some of you will scoff at this statement. I challenge you, however, to deny it. Tell me that it takes courage to discredit the believer. Tell me that it takes more courage to find examples of inaccuracy of a statement of faith. Tell me that believing in nothing demands more than believing in something.

I believe in the LORD, Jesus Christ. He is the only son of God, who gave his on mortal life for all of us that we might have the opportunity to know eternal life. There is no other gateway to this path than recognition of who He is.

For those of you who discredit this notion, tell me; what *do* you believe in?

Recognizing the courage of this statement doesn’t take much intellectual investment. Any time you have believed anything to be true, you’ve undoubtedly encountered skeptics. You are aware that skepticism, by itself, is cowardice. Skepticism, with a counter-belief, is a belief.

That is, again, the point. Belief is Faith, and faith requires courage.

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