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Last weekend I was able to compete in the Elite division of the Raid Games. The Raid Games are held under the umbrella of the larger Europa Games. There’s a myriad of events held there (Powerlifting, IFBB events, Wresting, etc …). Just one of those is the Raid Games.

I’m going to jump ahead of myself and say the Raid Games is easily the most awesome event I’ve ever been a part of. The huge environment surrounding the event is awesome. That there are so many folks who are able to see what CrossFitters do, is also pretty awesome.

Additionally, that I was able to hang out with my buddies from my gym, CrossFit Firebase, as well as great friends from CrossFit eXalted, CrossFit KingsPoint, CrossFit 407, and CrossFit Country was great.

I went into this event, with very little expectation of doing well. I’m glad about this. It’s my first competition in 18 months, and predictably, I did not do well. However, I was able to hang with some incredible athletes. I learned a whole lot from this. I intend to make the most of those learnings.

I’ve been training for a long time for something like this. The weaknesses in my training became immediately apparent during the event. Things like muscular leg endurance and pain threshold were clearly weaknesses of mine. I’ll adapt and train appropriately going forward.

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