About Me

I’m a libertarian software writer and systems engineer. I live in Florida with my fiance and my kids. I love fitness and health. When I have time, I like building things.

I write on here as a way to express my meaningless 2 cents about the world. I often point out how often I’m wrong. So, if anything here offends you, just know that I might be wrong.

This is very much a personal blog. I write about my personal stuff, where appropriate. Sometimes I write some technical stuff too.

I’m a recovering alcoholic. I tend to write a number of things about that too. There’s history on this site that helps show the struggles I’ve had with that.

This Site

This site was written using Silex and Parsedown. The code is easily viewable on GitHub . The gist of it is Silex intercepts the requests, and tries to find a markdown file matching the request. If it can’t find one, an error page is displayed

This site is now using WordPress. I know I wrote up a decent tutorial on this a while back. There’s just so much the WordPress community offers with little effort on my part, I can’t pass it up.

I run it in production on Docker. I’ve written a few tutorials on how to use Docker before too.