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Keep Your SSH Identity

So, I’ve been doing a ton of stuff lately on a ton of servers. Almost all of this involves using git to clone repositories into a multitude of servers. The problem with this, is that I’m limited to a single SSH key for all of my git clones. This is tricky, since shelling into a […]

Baby Tools

So after a couple months of being a dad to twins, I’ve come up with a list of stuff that first time parents should know about. Here’s some of the most important stuff Melissa and I use: The Slumber Bear: One of the few calming things for babies is white noise. It’s the shhh noise […]

What I Use

It occurred to me recently, that there’s a bit of variance in what developers use. For many folks not used to writing code, the availability of software to help write software can be a bit overwhelming. For that reason, I’m writing the stuff that makes me tick. A disclaimer: I primarily use Mac OS X (Leopard). I […]

SxSW 2009 Recap

SxSW 2009 Recap

First, let me publicly announce something: SXSW was worth my time, and I did love going. I learned a few things about myself though, that I’ll remember for a long time to come. First, while I love people, I cannot hang out with anyone for very long. This isn’t to say that I don’t love […]

Future of Web Apps Miami

I just got back from FOWA Miami 2009. The event was awesome and I met tons of amazing folks (including the amazing Gary Vaynerchuk). There were plenty of amazing tech revelations at the event, and more talk about business and marketing. The latter was more relevant for me. While there was definitely a lot of […]

New Years

New Years 2009 Party

Wednesday night, Melissa and I had our annual New Years Party. It was a really good time. There was plenty of folks, fun, and drama. Melissa and I spent a lot of time getting the house ready for the party. The work spanned over a couple of weekends. We cleaned out our planters, cleaned out […]

Savannah Vacation

Melissa and I got away for the weekend to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. After some indecision on our part, we decided to go to Savannah, GA. It’s not too far of a drive, but it’s still far enough to feel like a vacation. We took off Friday from work (thanks dudes!) so we could […]

WWDC – Leopard Will Be Worth The Wait

Steve Jobs just left the stage as keynote speaker at the WWDC convention in San Francisco. Big announcements: Safari on Windows! Full Safari Engine on iPhone The first item is huge for me. As a web developer, I’ve been hacking sites to work on IE for years now. Safari being release on Windows is a […]

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