Cory Collier

Tag: government

Insanity, Depression, and Recessions

Lately, the lack of money in the economy has provided a number of opportunities for me to see things in ways that I had not in years past. All Americans, and likely the rest of the world, is feeling the effects of a global recession in a number of ways. Those effects have lead many […]

A Nation of Victims

So, things have been difficult for my family lately. Melissa is still pregnant with twins, I’m still struggling to find work for my new business, and we’re still pretty broke. After a while of feeling like things just won’t turn in my favor, I slipped into feeling like a victim of circumstance. Keep in mind, […]

Socialism = Fail

Today will be remembered for a long time to come. How it will be remembered, is likely going to be up to the rest of us. On this seventeenth day of February, two-thousand and nine years after the birth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, Socialism was snuck upon the people of the greatest […]

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