Cory Collier

Month: November 2008

Rob Zienert

The next person in my ongoing series about folks that are important to me, is Rob Zienert. Rob’s the other developer with me on a huge project at Hydra Studio. Rob’s a young guy, which should make him less competent than he is. That’s whats weird about Rob; he’s awesome. I guess there’s something to […]

Google Reader and Zend_Http_Client Saves Time

I’ve been working a lot on Florida Death Metal lately. Part of that means that I need to know news, as it happens, from a lot of different sources. That can be difficult (and a pain in the ass) to keep track of. The last thing I want to do, is visit 50 different sites […]

Holiday Traveler’s Guide To Interstate Highways

I was driving home today from seeing my family for Thanksgiving, and I noticed a few things that are typical of drivers on the road after a big holiday. These are usually folks traveling because of the holidays, in distances they don’t normally travel. These distances seem to make even the most stalwart of motorists […]

Michael Parler

A few months ago, I started working at Hydra Studio. The experience has certainly been the most challenging in my life. At the same time, it’s arguably one of the more rewarding jobs I’ve ever had. I’ve worked on some amazing stuff at Hydra. I’ve learned a whole lot and met some awesome people. One […]

President Obama

Well, It appears that the Osama Obama Bin Ladin Biden ticket has won the executive office of the United States. I wish I could be optimistic about the outcome. I’ve got good friends who, despite being conservative also, don’t think Obama will run a socialist leaning White House. I hope they’re right.  I sincerely hope […]

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