President Obama

Well, It appears that the Osama Obama Bin Ladin Biden ticket has won the executive office of the United States. I wish I could be optimistic about the outcome. I’ve got good friends who, despite being conservative also, don’t think Obama will run a socialist leaning White House.

I hope they’re right. 

I sincerely hope that Obama does not work to socialize health care, which has been proven to reduce the effectiveness of health care in every large society that has tried it. Instead, I hope that he works with existing providers to find ways to effectively provide the benefits to people that need care, not meaningless doctor follow-ups and frivolous tests to appease fears about the ailment of the week.

I sincerely hope that Obama does not unilaterally surrender to rogue nations, intent on our society’s demise. Instead, I hope he keeps the offensive on Al-Qaeda, and other Islamic fundamentalist groups hell-bent on creating a global Islamic state. I hope he carries that same offensive on all other enemies of the state (loaded term, I know).

I sincerely hope that Obama does not increase taxes on the very people I rely on for my job. Instead, I hope Barack can find a way to reduce the number of programs the government provides, and streamline those that aren’t as competitive as their private counterparts.

I hope that Obama does not increase the country’s dependence on government in their lives. Instead, I hope Barack can inspire people to be the type of independent, successful people that he has become. 

I sincerely hope that Obama does not restrict free speech, by implementing a fairness-doctrine unilaterally on talk radio. Instead, I hope that Obama will recognize that a left-wing television already counteracts a right-wing talk radio media. Instead, I hope Obama just stays the fuck out.

I sincerely hope that Obama does not infringe on my right to bear arms. I’ve heard a lot of folks, weary of the type of gun controls implemented under President Clinton’s administration, talk about rushing to buy weapons. Instead, I hope Obama stays out of my gun cabinet. 

I hope the rest of you were right. All I have left now, is hope.

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I am a fitness, technology, and music enthusiast. I enjoy introspection and reflection. I believe in decentralization of the web and freedom of expression.

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