Cory Collier – Fitness, Technology, and Emotional Growth

I like Fitness

I Like Fitness

I have been lean, fat, and all things in my life. When I focus my spare time on fitness I am the most happy. I have learned a few things along the way. I share all that stuff here.

  • Qalo Ring Photoshoot
    Luke’s final photoshoot, for the Qalo ring (as well as some lady’s apparel items that sadly didn’t feature me).
  • Resiliency Project Photoshoot
    Latest photoshoot for the Resiliency Project. I’ve done a few photo shoots with Luke before. He’s a great photographer, and a great friend. Stoked to have some awesome sponsors for this. I’ve been a fan of graston technique since I tore my pec in 2014. The Leopard Claw’s samurai sword shape (@leopard_claw) helps reach areas […]
I like Tech

I like Tech

I started writing code around 2001/2002. I was in college to become a civil engineer. Once I got into the rabbit hole of writing code, I never turned back. Many things have been learned along the way. I share my experience about it all here.

  • Remote and Local WordPress Management
    Remote management of WordPress sites is important to me. I manage a number of WordPress sites. I find myself, often, in the same situations doing the same things. Naturally, I wrote scripts to automate this. I made a software package out of these scripts and put them up in GitLab (you’re not still using GitHub […]
  • CIS L1 and L2 Server Security for Ubuntu
    Lately, I’ve been tasked with ensuring server security compliance with CIS Security Standards for our EC2 instances. This is a major focus for a technology company promoting security compliance in the healthcare industry. We’ve got a lot of servers running a lot of different things. Obviously, manually updating servers to comply with the standard isn’t […]
I love Growth

I like Growth

Life has given me a lot of chance to grow. I have a storied past. Plenty of it was written here first over the years. I share a lot of deeply personal things here. I have a good friend who use to tell me: “Dude, you vomit honesty”. Hope this doesn’t make you sick.

  • Acknowledging My Own Hypocrisy – My Public Amends
    Over the last month I’ve been a vocal proponent of people coming together. I’ve called for humility in conversations. I’ve noted the false dichotomies that are prevalent in social media and news media cycles. Generally, I have asked a lot of you to be open minded about things you feel strongly about. I’m going to […]
  • Humility – The Medicine The World Needs in 2020
    True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. Socrates I’ve written and rewritten this post more than once. This is tough to write. On one hand, I’m writing about the need for humility in discussion in public forums. I’m writing about the need to acknowledge fault and imperfection in beliefs and thoughts. On the […]

I Like Music

While friends that know me think I’m a Death Metal guy, I enjoy a wide variety of music. I’ll share some of the neater things I find here. Some of the things I share are definitely an acquired taste. You might be surprised to see that you like some of it too though.

  • You’re Not Alone – An Album of Hope by Andrew WK
    When I first heard the album “You’re Not Alone”, I was fairly new to sobriety and in the process of a divorce. Everything in my life was raw and fairly new. Most people who get sober don’t make it past the first year. Too many things bring them back to the drink. While working the […]
  • Neurosis/Tribes of Neurot – Grace – 1999
    In 1999, Neurosis came out with the album “Times of Grace“. That album, apparently was done in parallel with a lesser known side project of theirs – Tribes of Neurot. I’ve heard the combination of these albums before (both albums playing at the same time). I wasn’t aware there was an entirely separate album though. […]