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Awesome Retrowave – Master Boot Record

Awesome Retrowave - Master Boot Record

Awesome Retrowave is a thing I’ve been on for a while now. I was happy to share about Perturbator yesterday. A few years back I was introduced to the Retrowave genre. Awesome hitters in the Retrowave genre include Perturbator, Daniel Deluxe, and Gost. Spotify suggested Master Boot Record and now I’m hooked. It’s awesome. I’ve […]

Pertubator – “I Am The Night”

Pertubator - I Am The Night

Perturbator is an amazing Retrowave Synth band (actually just one guy, though he tours with a band). The intro to this album is appropriate for the time and age we live in today. It’s clip from the dystopian film “The Network”. It’s worth a view by itself: Anyways, that’s the original clip that’s part of […]

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