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Pertubator – “I Am The Night”


Perturbator is an amazing Retrowave Synth band (actually just one guy, though he tours with a band). The intro to this album is appropriate for the time and age we live in today. It’s clip from the dystopian film “The Network”. It’s worth a view by itself:

Anyways, that’s the original clip that’s part of the intro song on the Perturbator’s album, “I Am The Night”. The whole album is 76 minutes of 80s retro fun.

Most of the songs don’t have lyrics to them. “Desire” is a notable exception. “Naked Tongues” is another, although I don’t particularly like that song very much.

Here’s a video someone made to the song “Technoir”. It’s an homage to the 1984 classic film “Terminator“. Like I said, the entire album is a lot of fun.



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