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Being an Ogre In a Tech World

I'm an ogre

I’m not a small guy. In fact, I’m kind of huge. People joke about me being an ogre all of the time. Most of the time, I take the joke in stride, and even relish in it. Being in the tech community, I am especially an ogre. The typical software developer is either under 6 […]

The Trouble With The Web …

Web Development is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Nearly every day some new product or development turns the whole scene on it’s head. Just a dozen years ago, the thought of being a web developer was less than promising for most folks. Today, that’s quite different. There’s a huge catch in […]

Freelancing In The New Economy

Here’s my Ignite Orlando presentation. First, the video (recorded for practice), then my slides, and finally the basic text of my talk. Freelance in the New Economy As cliche as it might sound, we live in new economic times. Because of this, being a freelance web developer / designer is a bit different than it […]

Rob Zienert

The next person in my ongoing series about folks that are important to me, is Rob Zienert. Rob’s the other developer with me on a huge project at Hydra Studio. Rob’s a young guy, which should make him less competent than he is. That’s whats weird about Rob; he’s awesome. I guess there’s something to […]

NFi Studios

Recently my boss, Sterling , wrote up about all of us at NFi on his personal blog. It’s flattering to hear what he has to say. I probably shouldn’t care too much about the accolades that I may, or may not recieve from other people, but I do. All of us at NFi work very […]

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