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How To Incorporate In Florida

I’ve seen a lot of misinformation, and misguided information on how to start a corporation. The specifics of this vary by state to state. I live in Florida, and I went through the process on my own. The process was a bit difficult, but only because there wasn’t a clear guide on what to do. […]

Freelancing In The New Economy

Here’s my Ignite Orlando presentation. First, the video (recorded for practice), then my slides, and finally the basic text of my talk. Freelance in the New Economy As cliche as it might sound, we live in new economic times. Because of this, being a freelance web developer / designer is a bit different than it […]


The company that got me started in much of my life, has officially closed its doors. It’s probably one of the saddest times I can recall. I’ve seen the decline for years now. I knew it was coming. Regardless of how much I could see it, I’m still just as shocked by it. It’s funny […]