Rob Zienert

Rob Zienert

The next person in my ongoing series about folks that are important to me, is Rob Zienert. Rob’s the other developer with me on a huge project at Hydra Studio. Rob’s a young guy, which should make him less competent than he is. That’s whats weird about Rob; he’s awesome.

I guess there’s something to be said about Rob’s upbringing. His mom was a database programmer. His dad was an engineer for Ford. I guess with that kind of brains for parents, something has to get passed down, right?

Rob is the head developer at Hydra Studio. Rightfully so, he knows more about the code here than anyone. His master of abstract coding concepts is as good as anyone I’ve ever seen. He’s a mega smart guy. He actually owns a copy of the ‘GoF Design Patterns’ book. It’s sitting on his desk right now.

So, the next paradigm about Rob, is that he’s not a mega-geek. Rob’s not a D&D guy. Rob can pick up girls with ease. He was a hockey goalie growing up too. He’s an all around talented dude. He even grew up next to Emimen!

Rob’s been a real help to me at Hydra, and I appreciate it a lot.

As was the case with Parler, there are quirks about Rob. He’s tough to read. He can smile at you, and make a joke about a situation, that’s far more serious than he’s letting on. That’s his way of being a pain in the ass. Just keeps me on my toes.

Anyways, Rob’s a good guy, and I’m glad hes my amigo.

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