Michael Parler

A few months ago, I started working at Hydra Studio. The experience has certainly been the most challenging in my life. At the same time, it’s arguably one of the more rewarding jobs I’ve ever had. I’ve worked on some amazing stuff at Hydra. I’ve learned a whole lot and met some awesome people. One of those people is Michael Parler.

I was looking for a picture of Mike, and I think this one does him justice : 

Michael Parler

To look at Mike, the word ‘professional’ doesn’t immediately come to mind. The cliche rings true however. Mike is easily the most professional person I have ever met. Mike’s attention to detail and ability to create interfaces that are completely seamless is incredible.

You wouldn’t know it to look at his website, but Mike is an awesome designer / developer.

I can’t speak publicly about the projects we’re working on at Hydra. However, I will say that when they’re done, they will realize some of the best UI I’ve ever seen. The credit for that lies heavily with Mike. 

Adding to why Mike is awesome: the most mundane of things don’t bore him. How many times have you worked on a project, and just glossed over some of the mundane details. Yeah, you probably don’t want to admit how many times.

Mike has some serious OCD, and leaves nothing to chance. I’ll admit, sometimes he’s a bit of a pain in the ass. However, for the company, and for the rest of us, his attention to detail is a lifesaver. 

I’ve been meaning to write about some awesome folks in my life lately, and Mike gets to be the first. He’s a really cool guy, and I appreciate what he does a lot.

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