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GORUCK Challenge


On May 19 – May 20, I participated in the GORUCK Challenge Orlando event. For those of you who don’t know what GORUCK is, I’d suggest the GORUCK FAQ. Here’s a quick summary of a GORUCK challenge event:


Overall I’d call the event one of the more difficult things I’ve ever done. I’ve hung out with a number of folks who have previously completed the challenge, and was adequately warned that it would amount to as much. The camaraderie is the only thing that overcomes the difficulty. I’d highly recommend this to all friends and colleagues that are in decent shape.

Cadre – Dave

Our Cadre (guide / leader / painmaster) for the event was Dave. Dave spent 18 years in active duty doing in various roles in Special Forces. Dave was a smaller guy than I had imagined we’d be lead by. Having said that however, Dave is a monster of a man: not in the physical sense, but you can’t escape the feeling that he’s got a vast amount more knowledge about the limitations of the human mind and body than most of us could ever know.


The grossest part of the evening :/
Class 172 started at the amphitheater on Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando. Our route put us around the lake, doing various forms of PT along the way. Within an hour we had our first casualty: a member passed out, and was unable to continue. We wound up in Lake Eola (gross), running to 7-11, then through Downtown Orlando during the primetime of the night scene. We headed to the new Arena, and to the Citrus bowl (directly through the roughest ghetto in 100 miles).

Flags, Ducks, Sand … Check.All the while, we were carrying our own packs (mine was just under #40) and 5 bags distributed among the team (each at #50), as well as the team weight: the head of a swan boat from Lake Eola. Doing all of this would have been enough, without the extra load.

When the fireman carry got to be too much, a two man carry was employed.From the Citrus Bowl we took the scenic route to Citywalk. We had met some of the most interesting characters Orlando has to offer during the trek. Our march to Citywalk was a mix of running, indian runs, PT, and various other mental challenges. Along the way we were threatened by the intoxicated, rewarded with hydration, and questioned by criminals.

Inchworms. The worst thing you’ve ever wished you hadn’t been through.
We got to the entrance of Universal Studios (Citywalk) around 7:30am. We got a group shot, and were able to lighten some of the #50 sand bags we’d been hauling around for so long. By that point, the less physically trained were showing signs of weakness. That’s not to take away from what they did though. If anything, those guys pushed themselves farther than any of us. For that, they have my respect.

Because of this however, our journey back to our starting point didn’t entail any other PT. I was a bit disappointed. I had expected to be pushed farther than I ever have been before. That certainly was not the case however. I had a very difficult time, but not as much as I had been worried about.


If you’re planning on doing the GORUCK Challenge, I’d suggest a few things:

Final Thoughts

I’d love to thank everyone who was a part of class 172. My friends Ben, Mirasol, Brenna, and Ramon were great to have for the ride. I met a ton of awesome new friends that I can’t wait to join to complete another event. A huge thanks to Dave for being an amazing leader during the event. This was my first event. I can guarantee you it won’t be my last.


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