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So, it’s been a long time since I posted what I use for development. At my current gig, I’m doing a lot of Node.js development. That entails much of the typical things with terminal, and using Grunt, Jasmine, Bower, etc …

Here’s the stuff I use to get things done:

15″ Mac Book Pro (with Retina Display)

I know it’s a pricey option, but software is my life. Pew Professionals don’t buy shitty gear when their life is on the line, and I don’t want to use a shitty computer when I need to get shit done. Save your pennies, get a good machine. It’ll pay back in spades.

Sublime Text 3

Hands down, this is the best editor I’ve ever used. It’s not a full-fledged IDE like Netbeans or Eclipse, or equivalent monstrosities out there. If you’re doing java enterprise development, you’ll probably need something like that. I’m a big believe in software being small, simple, and focused. An editor is typically all I need.

Sublime Text Package Control

If you’re gonna use Sublime, you might as well use package control, because it’s what really makes Sublime completely awesome. There are a myriad of packages available to sublime once you’ve got this installed. Here’s a few of the ones that I find completely necessary:

  • Alignment
  • DocBlockr
  • GitGutter
  • Brogrammer
  • Afterglow.sublime-theme

iTerm 2

I’m on terminal a lot. I gave up Mac’s native terminal app a long time ago. iTerm gives so many additional capabilities, it’d be easier to talk about what it can’t do, than what it does.


When I edit anything remotely, I’m usually guaranteed that vim is on the remote machine. Getting comfortable with vim is a must. What’s extra awesome about vim though, is that it’s cake to make sure it works as you like it, on any machine you’re working on.


Slack is like IRC, but the 22nd century version of it. Sharing anything in a controlled setting is amazingly simple with Slack. I try to hang out with The Orlando Devs when I get a chance. Those guys are bad-ass.


Awesome. I can get all of my texts and IMs, in a single application. I don’t have to switch between my phone and computer to handle all of my daily asynchronous communications.

Google Chrome

I’m adding this on here, just in case there’s any argument out there. IE has been awful since it’s inception. Microsoft is even planning on giving up on it. Firefox lost it’s momentum years ago, and tunnel-visioned developers to the Gecko project have ensured it’s doom. The webkit rendering engine is a standard now (Chrome and Safari run on it, and those power nearly all mobile browsers).


I probably should buy a subscription to this, since I use it all of the time, and I HATE the commercials that come up all of the time. I was a huge fan of grooveshark, but the law had to go and shut it down

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