A Long Weekend of Parenting

Last week I picked up the baby from his Great Aunt in Tampa. We spent a week together. Last Thursday I picked up the twins from school here in Orlando. We spent the weekend together.

That made for a very busy weekend.

Looking back at it, I’m grateful. In the middle of everything, I would not have said I was grateful. I was stressed out. I was irritable. Certainly, I wasn’t a happy dude.

I remember how my parents were with me as a kid. I see how other parents are with their own kids. I know I’m not alone in feeling the frustration and anxiety of being a single parent to 3 kids.

It’s a shame more people aren’t honest about that. There’s a stigma to admitting you’re tired of your kids sometimes. That’s a shame. Without the validation of knowing the feelings are normal there’s a tendency to feel a ton of guilt about all of that.

I managed to reach out to a few people I can trust when things got *really* hard. You all know who you are and I’m intensely grateful to each of you.

Anyways, the lesson from the weekend was “This too shall pass”. Times were hard, but then they weren’t.

To sum it up: Feelings are like the weather. Sometimes they aren’t great and sometimes they are great. However, will always change from one, to the other.

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