Happy 244th Independence Day!

Independence Day is the day this rad country celebrates it’s independence from colonial rule. Independence day signifies the day that we began to decide our own destiny. Many of those decisions were regrettable. I can definitely relate.

The world certainly seems crazy lately. Social Media and news barrage us with confusion, anger, and reason to feel panic. Divisive news headlines only serve to further divisions between people with differing opinions

What Is The Solution?

There’s a lot of things about the country that could be better. To that end, open conversation seems like the path to get there. Name calling, shaming, and threats don’t accomplish anything.

Well, that’s my opinion anyways. As I’ve said before, humility goes a long way. Having said that, I openly pose this question to people who support the current turmoil:

What is the solution to the problems in the country today?

Solutions, Not Problems

I’ve heard a lot of talk about what’s wrong. I’ve seen a lot of finger pointing about who is to blame. What I really haven’t seen, is talk about specifics in how to fix issues. So, I am asking you, with an open mind – what do you think would fix the issues in the USA?

America has a troubled and inspiring past. It’s far from perfect, but has resulted in an elevated standard of living across the globe. In 1820 the defense of an enslaved man’s intellect was socially unthinkable. In 2020 the denial of every single human’s value is socially unthinkable.

Consider that a minute – any public (and even private) discussion that a person has less value based upon their genetics, or beliefs, is socially unconscionable. Often, it’s possibly illegal as well.

I think that’s something to celebrate, especially today.

Fear Is No Answer

I’ve had conversations with a lot of good people about the current affairs of the world. Numerously, they’ve advised and cautioned me against speaking publicly against the current mainstream grain of denouncing USA. While I value this advice highly, I can’t accept silence as the answer.

I believe in honest and open dialog. There are no off-limit discussions. If anyone is afraid to discuss a topic openly, then the accepted social norms are wrong. So, I’ll pose this question one last time:

What do you think the solutions are to America’s problems in 2020?

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I am a fitness, technology, and music enthusiast. I enjoy introspection and reflection. I believe in decentralization of the web and freedom of expression.

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